Monday, July 28, 2008

Modern Guilt and The Joker

Alright so, yeah I know it's been a while, but with no comments what's the point? I'm going to keep at it for a while thought, we'll see where it goes.

First up a short and sweet review of Modern Guilt by Beck:
Good not Great,

Modern Guilt is a pretty good album, so with the fourth and twenty-fourth of July fireworks still in my head I thought of this analogy. Modern Guilt is a dud, it's the firework that shoots some little sparks and afterwards everyone says, "That was it?" Now don't get me wrong, it's good music, but with the CD coming after Beck's last album it was sub par, and after all the other fireworks I've seen (aka In Rainbows, Weezer (Red Album), Echoes Silence Patience and Grace, and Narrow Stairs) it really is like a dud. Like in fireworks though I just might have got the dud firework, meaning a lot of other people's CD was probably amazing for them, but for me it just fell short
There are a few sparks shooting out of this dud, a couple bright ones too, album starter Orphans is a sweet track, Modern Guilt's not bad either, Walls and Soul of a Man are the best tracks on the CD, but Gamma Ray is just annoying if you ask me and Chemtrails was the absolute worst track to choose for a single. DANGER MOUSE IS OVERRATED! Beck needs to stick with Nigel Godrich and keep making fun albums, this album is taking itself too seriously, Beck's a lot more enjoyable when he's having fun, just listen to Dance Alone, Ghettochip Malfunction and Timebomb from previous albums. I hope after I've lit some more fireworks and I go check to see if this dud really is a dud it blows up in my face, but we'll see. Official Score: 71%

Second up let's discuss the Dark Knight shall we?

I've seen it twice and let me just say, it awesome the first time, and even better the second time, Jack Nicholson doesn't even compare to Heath Ledgers Joker. Joker's mannerisms are brilliant, he's crazy and creepy and at the same time funnier than hell. It might have just been because Heath Ledger recently passed away, (which is really sad because he was just reaching his apex of acting) but every time Joker talked the audience held it's breath, no sound could be heard except the craziness in the Joker's voice, this movie is 95% rad,The only parts I didn't like is when Batman talks in that weird rough voice, somebody get him a lozenge! Batman's motorcycle was cool except when it does that weird turn around flip thing on the wall after he flips jokers semi, also after the semi flips and the Joker comes out and is yelling "HIT ME!", why does Batman crash and get knocked out so easily, it's just weird looking. But if that's the only thing wrong with your movie you've obviously made a sweet, sweet movie. Well I'll check you all later.....probably.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Uh, Oh

Okay I just need to say this, I think Beck's album is going to suck, well not suck, but I have a really bad feeling about this album, I just needed to say this before it came out tomorrow and I can tell everyone I told you so. Old Beck just doesn't have all his ducks in a row with this one, the single is not phenomenal, the album art and promo photo's of him is just off, the style and feel of the album is just wrong. I'm nervous and I want it to do really really well, but I'm setting my standards really really low. I really want to love it. There's a couple tracks in my playlist at the bottom if you want to give them a listen before you buy. This will be the last of my favorite bands new releases for quite some time, all my fav's have released albums within the past year or so and now it'll be at least 2 years till any of them release anything, probably longer.
The funniest TV show ever poll is over and The Office ruled the school of course, with Arrested Developement and Seinfield coming in a close second. Family guy and Chappelles show only got one vote a piece, youch! I agree though, Office, Arrested Developement are Seinfield you could watch a million times and not get bored and it'll still be funny everytime!
There will be a full review up later, I'm probably not going to be posting after the review, I'm not getting very much traffic, please comment if you want me continue, or not, whatever. Check you all later!