Wednesday, August 27, 2008

20-11 of 30

Okay part two, here goes:
20. Meteora - Linkin Park

After I had bought and listened to Hybrid Theory a million times, I was so excited for LP's new album to come out, and Meteora didn't disappoint, I think because of that and the earliness of my CD buying obsession I got my hopes up for other bands to always make consistently good albums, I learned quickly not to hope for much, but Meteora was exactly what I wanted, awesome hip hop beats, cool and catchy songs. True Linkin Park is directed at teenage angst, but I was a teenager and you better believe I had angst. Key tracks? Somewhere I Belong, Easier to Run, Faint, Breaking The Habit and Session, check it out!

19. She Wants Revenge (Self Titled)
She Wants Revenge? Sounds stupid. That's exactly what I said when I first heard their name, but this is a really cool album, true it's mostly synthesized sound and monotone melodies, but it's a dancey sex charged album, they're all awesome songs which would be perfect to listen to at work, but with their racy lyrics I unfortunately can't listen to them, such as the song Sister, which is about feeling guilty about taking advantage of a nun who would want nothing more than for you to do just that. This is the only album that has ever made me, yes me Craig, want to dance. Their lyrics paint a picture in your head of exactly what they're talking about. Key tracks: Out Of Control, Monologue, Sister, Tear You Apart and the Bonus Track. Such an good CD, and check out that album art!
18. Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace - Foo Fighters

You've heard about my disappoint already with the Foo Fighters and their stupid, unintelligible CD In Your Honor, this CD came out after In Your Honor and I had already given up all hope for the Foo Fighters so I wasn't expecting anything from this CD, it took me about 3 months before I even started listening to some tracks on, let me just say, they more than made up for In Your Honor, gone is the annoyingly loud songs and the boring slow songs on IYH, and here to stay are the classic Foo that made me fall in love with them in the first place, best songs are The Pretender, Let It Die, Long Road to Ruin, Stranger Things Have Happened and Summer's End, a really good album, Foo Fighters resurrected!

17.Transatlanticism - Death Cab for Cutie

This album, and I think many of you will agree, is what made Death Cab a good band, this CD is why I liked Death Cab in the first place. If you haven't noticed in my countdown already, I only like bands that have their own style, bands that sound like no one else but themselves, no one proves this more that Death Cab, they really are a style unto themselves, there have been copy cats, but none even half as good. The best songs on this CD are as follows, The New Year, Title and Registration, The Sound of Settling, Transatlanticism and We Looked Like Giants.

16. Narrow Stairs - Death Cab for Cutie

Wow! 2 albums by the same artist in a row! Death Cab's bran new album, you may have read my review of the CD a while back, probably not though, but for some reason before this CD came out I got really excited for it, I didn't even like DCFC that much, but when I heard the first single, I Will Possess Your Heart, I was hooked. I have been waiting for a really long epic song since Only In Dreams by Weezer and Come Back by the Foo Fighters, Death Cab didn't disappoint, they also didn't fall into the trap that happens to most indie bands who sign on a label, they make one good CD then wither and die. I skip only 2 songs on this CD when listening to it, every other track on this CD is awesome! Especially Bixby Canyon Bridge, I Will Possess Your Heart, Cath, Grapevine Fires, Long Division and Pity and Fear. Wow that's almost the whole CD right there!

15. Demon Days - Gorillaz

What's not to love about this album, I wish more rap/hip hop/ whatever genre you'd put this in, was like this album. I really like hip hop beats and well put together rhymes, but most hip hop is so f-ing stupid, really just so idiotic and lame. Demon Days though, well Gorillaz are in their own section of hip hop. Feel Good Inc. was such a monster hit, everyone loved that song when it came out and the CD is just as good as that song! Unfortunately Gorillaz are on hiatus indefinitely, which makes me sad, right at their peak they get out of the game. With songs like O Green World, Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc. El Manana, All Alone, White Light and Dare it really doesn't make sense for them to quit, but I guess they left on a high note. Buy this CD.

14. Hot Fuss - The Killers

If you've never heard of The Killers, well where have you been the last five years, but seriously don't judge them by their name, they sound like they'd be a band like, Taking Back Sunday, or 30 Seconds to Mars, or Panic at the Disco, but they are not anything like them thank goodness. Man those bands suck. Anyways Hot Fuss was the Killers freshmen album and man! This album is so great! The Killers is also an album that's good for the girls and the boys, my wife absolutely loves this album and can't help but sing and snap and dance when it's on. I bought this CD when Somebody Told Me just hit it big as their single, I was taken by another song though, I couldn't get enough of Mr. Brightside, I told everyone to check out Mr. Brightside, but nobody could see past Somebody Told Me, but boy that sure changed in the coming months, the radio and MTV got a hold of Mr. Brightside and that song brought more success for that band than any other track on the CD or any other they have written to date! Best songs on the CD are, Jenny Was A Friend of Mine, Somebody Told Me, Mr. Brightside, Andy You're a Star and Everything Will Be Alright. I love this CD.

13. Icky Thump - The White Stripes

Oh what to say about the White Stripes? Now here really is style unlike anybody in the world. Sure they borrow from blues, they borrow for folk, but they are White Stripes and they know what they are doing, usually. With this album though they got it all right, every song, except that one weird one called St. Andrew, is perfect, they've tried and tried to get a perfect album for many years and this is it, or as close to it as they are going to get, mark my words, this is the album to be remembered. Long list of awesome here, Icky Thump, You Don't Know What Love Is, 300 MPH Torrential Outpoor Blues, Conquest, Bone Broke, Little Cream Soda, Rag and Bone, I'm Slowly Turning Into You, A Martyr for My Love for You, Catch Hell Blues, Effect and Cause and Baby Brother, whew, that's about every single track on the CD, I told you it was good.
12. Songs About Jane - Maroon 5

I bought this CD way back when me and my friends were first starting our band, this band is a band that made feel like I could be successful as a musician, they're really really good, but play simple things that I could make up, but then at the same time I really don't think I could ever make a whole CD as good as this. This CD reminds me of my younger years and all the girls I would play with :) more specifically when I first started hanging out with my current wife. But back to the CD, just awesome, Harder to Breathe when I first heard was a song I so wished I would have written, awesome instrumentation and lyrics, fun and awesome at the same time! These are the best songs, Harder to Breathe, This Love, Shiver, Tangled, The Sun, Must Get Out, Sunday Morning and Not Coming Home. This CD also is fun for a girl and a boy, like a Slinky!

11. American Idiot - Green Day

Topping out the middle ten of the countdown is American Idiot. Now this CD more than any other takes me back to a certain time in my life, what time? The Party Years. Everyone has them, the year or so in their life where they just party and do everything bad you could ever think of. This is the album I was listening to at this time. This CD came out back when I had long dyed black hair and liked to paint my fingernails black. This CD reminds me of partying with my then girlfriend/now wife when we very first started getting serious. The concert to promote this album was the first "date" we went on. But the CD itself. This CD is more to perfect than any other thus far on my countdown, a few songs I skip over sometimes, but mostly I just listen all the way through, well I always skip the first song and title track American Idiot, which is just so off the style of the CD it should not have even been put on it. Jesus of Suburbia is a sprawling epic songs with such awesome lyrics and music it really is a perfect song. Green Day started the whole Bush bashing epidemic that has plagued music ever since this CD came, and I am so sick of it now I refuse to buy any "political" CD AKA (make a CD that complains about the president and country because people will buy those the most) thanks record label exec's who've ruined a lot of bands for me. Green Day started and Green Day was sincere. This really is such a well written CD. This is the only Green Day CD that has even mattered to mention when talking about music, sorry Neal. Green Day didn't really matter until this CD came out, and man they really proved that they do deserve to be mentioned. These are the best tracks: Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Are We The Waiting, Give Me Novocaine, Extraordinary Girl, Letterbomb, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Homecoming and Whatsername. Seriously if you haven't heard this album or if you don't like Green Day give this CD a chance. I really don't like punk, but as you'll see in my top ten coming up it'll be littered with amazing punk albums, and this is one of the best.

Thanks for reading! Sorry it's so long, I could write forever about these things I'm so passionate about. Later!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

30 - 21 of 30

So I originally wanted make of post of the top 20 albums for me, of all time, but that quickly turned into top 25, then just as fast to top 30, so here is the the last ten on the list, we'll break it down into 10 albums at a time so I don't have one mega post that's thirty feet long. Please read and comment, this took forever to figure out and to write and even longer to post these pictures. Thanks Ya'll!


Starting with the single Dance Tonight this album starts strong, and doesn't disappoint. I was nervous to buy my first Paul McCartney CD, I mean The Beatles are great, but I've been more of a written by Jon Lennon Beatles song fan than a written by Paul fan, but I saw the music video while me and my brand new wife were unpacking in our brand new apartment in a brand new town, it was a catchy song and Natalie Portman was in the video, always a plus. I needed a new CD and there was a Gray Whale just down the street, I ran down there and bought it and have loved it ever since, maybe it just reminds of the beginning of my marriage, but I always feel like listening to it. Key tracks include: Dance Tonight, You Tell Me, Mr. Bellamy, Vintage Clothes and Nod Your Head.


I think if you could somehow add up all times you've listened to any one album this one would be at the very top, well about 3 years ago I know it would. I put this album in the CD player at the restaurant I worked at back then and listened to it about 4 times a night! It's such an intimate album, it's as if Nirvana were in the same room as you, just playing for you personally. Key tracks: The Man Who Sold The World, Plataea, Oh Me and Where Did You Sleep Last Night.


When I first heard this CD it was in my first apartment with a stupid roommate of mine and has a man crush on Dave Grohl, he bought this CD only because Dave Grohl drums for them on this disc. I instantly hated this CD, for starters I did not approve of my roommates taste in uh anything really, and I was not going to condone his crush on Dave Grohl and listen to this album. I then saw the music video for No One Knows and that build up ending in a bass solo just grabbed me, I purchased the album and almost every song on it is great, and it is great because of Dave Grohl's drumming, every other QOTSA album is lame and I think it's in a large part to the drumming, don't tell my old roommate that Dave made the CD what it is, he'll have a man-gasm, but this CD is very very good. Key tracks: No One Knows, Song for the Dead, The Sky is Fallin' and Another Love song.


This is actually the very first CD I ever bought, I loved how they mixed hip-hop beats and rock vocals and they didn't rap about loser gangster topics, a lot of these CDs on this last part of the top 30 are the CDs that helped form my opinions about music today, they kind of showed the way to what I'd eventually start liking, this album is an excellent example of that. Key Tracks: Crawling, In The End, A Place For My Head, Forgotten and Cure for the Itch.


When I would tell people the kind of music I like, Arcade Fire was never mentioned by me, but the person I would be telling would ask if I've heard them and they thought I would like them. I checked out their EP and Funeral, they both had a couple okay songs, but nothing that made me love them, then I heard they were releasing a new CD, I wasn't too stoked about it. I heard some tracks, bought a couple on iTunes, but still nothing. I put some on my work playlist and every time on came on I would be turning it up and soon I would just be listening to Arcade Fire, Neon Bible is a very solid CD. Key tracks include: Keep the Car Running, Intervention, Black Wave / Bad Vibrations and No Cars Go.


This is the only, yep the only band I can stand that the lead singer happens to be a girl. I don't do that intentionally, girl singers in rock/alternative bands just suck! Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is different though, it really seems like this is who she is, while other female singers seem to be trying to hard or pretending to be something else. I really really like this CD, well most tracks, but the tracks that are good are really really good, and these are those tracks, Gold Lion, Way Out, Phenomenon and, my personal favorite, Honeybear.


Cake rules, if you don't know about Cake buy this CD. He is the best lyricist and the instrumentation is great! This is another CD that shaped how I look and listen to music now, almost every track on this CD is perfect. Key tracks are: Frank Sinatra, The Distance, Friend Is a Four Letter Word, Open Book, Daria, Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, It's Coming Down and Italian Leather Sofa, yeah a lot of awesome songs!


Radiohead is one of the best bands in the world, and this CD is where they first proved it, with tracks like Airbag, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Electroneering and No Surprises, there really is no need to say more, listen to these songs and try to tell me Radiohead isn't great.


A year or so before Stadium Arcadium hit the shelves, the Foo Fighters released a double disc album that sucked, In Your Honor probably was THE worst upset for me in music ever. I was so excited for In Your Honor and it just sucked so hard. It taught me not to get too excited for any CD, so when I heard Stadium Arcadium was going to be a double disc I was, needless to say, scared. The first single wasn't that great and I was setting up this disc for failure before I even heard it. I bought it because, well they're the Chili Peppers, and after the first of 2 discs I was hooked. Dani California did no do this CD justice, nor did any of the other single they choose, but all the songs they didn't choose for singles are so well written and just overall great that this double disc album did not disappoint. Best songs are: Desecration Smile, Hard to Concentrate, 21st Century, Hump de Bump, Torture Me, Strip My Mind, Especially In Michigan, We Believe, Wet Sand and Hey. It really is that good.


Beck's "come back" album if you ask me. This is such a fun album, that's what I love about the new Beck, the CDs are just so much fun. I love the urban beats and the dance grooves, the lyrics, synthesized sounds and instrumentation's are almost perfect. This is an album you could listen to all day everyday for a week and not get sick of it. Best tracks are: Que' Onda Guero, E-Pro, Girl, Earthquake Weather, Hell Yes, Go It Alone, Farewell Ride, Rental Car, and Emergency Exit. Man this is a great album

Well that's the first ten, it turned out to be a pretty long post after all, but it's still only a quarter of what I could have wrote about these albums, they are all just so amazing! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, August 7, 2008



Great news! Weezer's coming to Salt Lake City, I wasn't expecting that, that's for sure, especially after being passed by all my other favorite bands this year, ie. Foo Fighters, Radiohead and Beck. I am super excited, let's hope my ticketmaster pre-sale from my Red Album pre-order was worth it! Has anybody heard the new Faint CD? I am scared to buy it, for fear of suckage.

Also eighties sunglasses are in, I have a pair of shiny red ones that I don't stop wearing and I convinced my lovely wife to get some black ones, which I steal from time to time.

I purposefully chose a picture of the dumbest plaid shorts I could find for my picture, just so you could see the full lameness that is plaid shorts, I guess some plaid shorts would be okay, if they were black, with black plaid....:)

I have come to the conclusion that everyone should drive a scooter everywhere, if that was the case, carbon emissions would go down at least 1.2 million%, and if everyone were driving scooters, maybe they'd make a train that you could drive your scooter onto and the train would take you downtown and you could just scoot wherever you need to be. I am starting the revolution, I recently bought an Argo150-18 black and white scooter which kicks some serious behind, right in the face!

I am looking to watch some rad movies in the coming months, what are all your favorite movies? Classic Star Wars, Fight Club and Snatch are my favorites.

That's it for me today, thanks readers.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hello everyone,
I don't like plaid shorts, sorry.

I know a lot of people love them, but no thanks.